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Nail Polish Is The New Mood Ring!

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Nail art is not going anywhere ladies!!! This season during the Fall/Winter 2014 fashion weeks we saw nothing but bold dark nail colors with a classic twist! It's all about the chic french manicure in off colors, half moon designs or even metallic and glitter accent nails. Why we love this? Because... It is a direct reflection of your emotions! what? yes, that is right ladies! Nail polish is such a personal touch that compliments your own personality. Each week or two we get to switch it up, one week you may feel on top of the world and go with red which exudes strength the next you go with a nude natural look that is more understated. Each time you walk into that nail salon and " pick a color" that color is a representation of your inner feelings and what you want to portray to the world! 

Red- powerful, you are daring, dramatic and strong.

Violet- Its feminine without being too girly or immature.

Purple- You are confident, artistic and an individual.

Hot Pink- Girly, playful, confident, when you walk into a room you command attention.

Green- adventurous, you are someone that doesn't take life or yourself too seriously.

Blue- free spirited, youthful,and experimental. 

Nude- minimalist,effortless,classic. 

Black- feminist, daring, you are a trendsetter.