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Triple Sec Is The Triple Threat

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Best hair product of 2014 is the Triple Sec by Drybar. This is a must have product for woman because it has so many purposes. It is named Triple Sec because it performs three can't live without functions. First this product refreshes, it is a light dry shampoo that absorbs oil. It textures the hair, adding movement. It also amplifies giving hair volume. If you are like me I am very much someone who's hair looks best the second or third day after it is washed.This product gives you that same look day one! If you are like most other women out there who say that their hair is fine and tends to get greasy right away, well then this product will save you one extra day on your blow out! Hit the snooze button a few times one morning and leave the work to Triple Sec! Another amazing detail about this product is it smells of soft vanilla and they also make it in a travel size! I carry mine with me everywhere I go.